Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Water wicked bottles

These are the bottles that I think are "successful" in keeping my poor balcony plants alive for the 3 weeks I was away. Nothing fancy just some parcel strings in plastic bottles.

It worked because I think  water very slowly seeps out  and after 3 weeks about 1/3 the water is still left in the bottle. I placed the string wick touching the soil.


The smaller bottles ones were completely dry of course.

This one with open top has holes at the base to wet the tied string at the bottom and was almost empty when I got back. Made this by making the holes and then tying the string twice over to cover the holes.

May have an issue with mosquitoes in other places because of the open top but here at the 10th floor I see no mosquitoes.

The string wick is always wet and the water gets out for sure because you can see the bottle is compressed already.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Balcony plant - 22 days without water

Surprised to see a completely new tomato plant already out because only seeds were planted before leaving these balcony plants all by their lonesome 22 days ago. The tomato leaves looks dry and withered but still alive.

All the rest of the pots is ok!


This pot was completely empty but some new shoots have grown. Chili plant I think..


The funny thing is the water bottles with tiny holes in them are still full. Guess the holes were tooo tiny.

The one that worked was water botles with the string wick attached.. the water very slowy seeped out. Guess that will be the preferred method to keep the plants alive next time their left alone for lone periods f time.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Padang converted to edible plots

I passed this taman several months back in Teluk Intan when there was some event with VIPs opening this community padang and converting it into plots of land to plant edibles.

It looks like half the padang is now growing edibles.

I guess as a recently "pro-green" person I am all for this conversion but I imagine it will be a different sentiment if I were a kid. My playground is now taken up by some old geezers planting vege.

So I guess it's a matter of perspective.

Overall I think it's for the better as the local council has been neglecting the field and long grass and 'lalang' has taken over.

Now the playground is put to better use.